Primary Eye Care

PRIMARY  EYE  CARE  includes a comprehensive vision and eye health examination.   This examination is designed to detect a wide range of problems affecting vision function, such as blurred vision or eye discomfort.


Evaluations for eye health disorders are also performed. The American Optometric Association recommends that all people should have a periodic, comprehensive eye examination every one to two years depending on ones particular needs.



Progressive Eye Center is equiped with the most modern diagnosis technology available on the market today. Here we describe some of the equipment we use to provide our patients with the most modern care.



Cirrus OCT - High Definition Retina Exam


OCT is a new, non-invasive technology used for imaging the retina, the multi-layered sensory tissue lining the back of the eye. OCT, the first instrument to allow doctors to see cross-sectional images of the retina, is revolutionizing early detection and treatment of eye conditions such as macular holes, pre-retinal membranes, macular swelling, and even optic nerve damage.


With its advanced, next generation, precise algorithms, the Zeiss Cirrus provides highly detailed, high-definition maps of the macula and retinal structures. This allows for the most acurate diagnosis possible.


For macular degeneration, macular pucker, macular hole and glaucoma patients, this new imaging technology offers a quantum leap forward in diagnosis technology.




Visucam Pro


Zeiss Viscuam is a non-mydriatic fundus camera used to detect diseases such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. The Visucam sets the standard in ophthalmic photography.