In recent years, myopia (or nearsightedness) has been on the rise. Coming in for an eye exam and knowing a prescription will have to be stronger is very discouraging. To handle this, we have opened a range of options for you. Call and make an appointment today to see which plan is best for you.


Options for Myopia Control



A little recess goes a long way. Recent studies suggest exposure to sunlight can actually help myopia. As your eyes take in light, it affects the shape of your eye. Being the cheapest solution, all you have to do is go outside and take in the sun.

Contact Lenses

Myopia is caused by errors in the curvature of an eye. For this reason, researchers have been focused on contact lenses to help reshape the eye over time. Solutions such as orthokeratology and soft  multifocal contacts are available to you through your nearest Progressive Eye Center.


Medication (Atropine .01%)

Research has yielded that Atropine may be a drug which, at a low concentration, may provide a solution to myopic users. Drops have proven effective, reasonably affordable, and now with Progressive Eye Center, they are convenient!