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We Proudly Offer the Most Advanced Eyeglass Lenses on Earth:  HOYA Lenses 


We live in a highly visual world where sight is the most important gift of life. Giving you new views and perspectives everyday. Hoya Vision Care manufactures spectacle lenses and optical products. Their motto ‘Eye for detail’ is reflected in their top-quality lenses, advanced lens designs, lens treatments and excellent service.

Hoya Vision Care embraces your sight, helps to open your eyes and discover the beauty of the world and see more of life.

 While as a company we continue to grow and change,

our Core Values will always remain…

Reputation – Our actions and products will reflect our commitment to every patient walking away with a positive experience that we would be proud for them to share.

Patient Care – Our exceptional patient care comes from our commitment to incorporate the latest technology along with the knowledge of our doctors and staff to provide and educate our patients at the highest level.

Honesty/Integrity – We commit to be honest at all times with our patients and each other.

Unified Team – Only through working together can we provide an unparalleled working environment that will draw and retain quality people to our team.

Commitment to Improve – We are committed to embrace every opportunity to improve ourselves.